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Becoming Your Better

6 Steps to Becoming Your Better after Trauma
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My Story

Brandy Nicole is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a wife,  mother of four beautiful children and grandmother of two grandchildren. She's an advocate of  mental health and healing. She’s an upcoming graduate of Clayton State University with a bachelor of Integrative studies with a minor in psychology. Brandy is founder of a non-profit, A World of Poise, an organization that helps teen girls discover their poise, power and purpose. She served in the United States Army as a behavior health specialist for 6 years and is now a certified trauma recover coach. With 10 years of behavior health experience and being a survivor of child hood rape,  being a fatherless , teen pregnancy, divorce, depression and a unsuccessful suicide attempt, she became passionate about helping others overcome their trauma through fitness. This is how Traumafit was born.

Brandy is a NASM certified personal trainer and now encourages and inspires women to face and conquer their trauma, create a healthy healing and build dynamic physiques in the process. In 2020 she became an NPC Fitness bikini competitor as a token of reminder that she can conquer all things designed to destroy her. In her spare time, Brandy enjoys reading, working out, sleeping, traveling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

My Books

Becoming Your Better

My Books

Becoming Your Better allowed me to   work out some
personal issues. I Thank you for your wisdom.


San Francisco 

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